We hire character and train for compentence!

We believe that you have what it takes to be a mason! And to make sure you do, we will train you! At Empire Masonry, our job is to make our customers dream's come true. If you think you have what it takes, please send us your resume and contact information.


Masons can expect to work in all weather and with various materials, lift and carry heavy objects, and read and assess technical drawings. Their responsibilities include texturing and polishing blocks of stone, installing dressed stone, mixing cement and mortar, and restoring old and damaged masonry works.

Successful masons should have a love for traditional techniques, a keenness for learning, exceptional problem-solving skills, and should have a natural talent for working with their hands. Ideal candidates will have completed a three-year apprenticeship, and will be physically fit and able.

Mason Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining tools and workspaces.
  • Cutting, shaping and dressing materials.
  • Lifting, carrying and placing prepared blocks.
  • Reading and following technical drawings.
  • Training apprentices.
  • Mixing cement and mortar.
  • Restoring old and worn masonry.

Mason Requirements:

  • Love for working with stone.
  • Respect for the ancient traditions of the profession.

Maybe you too will pass by a house, lean over, and tell your child that you did the stone work! Their is no better feeling, trust us!